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About Toronto Free-Net

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Postal address: 600 Bay St Suite 406, Toronto  ON  M5G 1M6, Canada

Toronto Free-Net (TFN) is a telecommunications and Internet service provider.  It was founded in 1993 as a charitable non-profit corporation in the province of Ontario, Canada.  It is headquartered in Toronto, the provincial capital.

TFN's 50,000 voting members set the corporation's direction.  The vast majority of TFN members are individuals; a few are corporations.

Toronto Free-Net serves the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), a geographic area with a population of several million, which includes the (amalgamated) City of Toronto and which extends along the shores of Lake Ontario as well as north.  The area includes urban, industrial, and rural settings.

TFN provides services to home users and to companies.  Its services are similar to those of other providers but TFN has a community-oriented focus.  For example:

Combats the digital divide

As part of its non-profit mandate, TFN strives to provide affordable options, to ensure that vulnerable people are not left without Internet access.

Supports non-mainstream access

As TFN is driven by the efforts and choices of its members, it has more interest and provides more support than its competitors for uncommon home computer systems and Internet technologies, such as those behind and ahead of the mainstream technology curve.

Brings Internet to under-served locations

TFN provides knowledge and resources to enable its members to undertake projects to extend Internet access to geographic areas that are less profitable and are, thus, ill-served by commercial providers.

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